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I’m Shannon.

First and foremost, I’m a homeschooling, natural mama of 2 beautiful babes, Laiken (3) and Kora (8 months). Step mama to Chris (15) and Aubrey (12). I’m a lover of adventure, vegan donuts, a good workout, thrift shopping, hikes, essential oils, and what do ya know, the lake. When we aren’t busy as hell raising our babies and juggling work, you can find us wake surfing or paddle boarding. Both my Fiancé and I grew up on Canyon Lake, fell in love on Canyon Lake, and now pass on the love of the water to our babies. A 2019 goal of mine, is to minimize.

My passion for photography began when I was little. I’ve always been artistic and my favorite memories were going through our memory books at my grandmother’s house. I bought my first DSLR in college with student loan money. I picked up jobs here and there along side of my studies. My dream was always to be an artist, and to live a more carefree lifestyle. My uncle supported my dream, while my parents continued to push me to work towards a more secure and traditional career. So I continued school to become a physical therapist. Then my son was born, and my passion for capturing intimate moments really blew up. Motherhood and the inspiration that has come with it has set my soul on fire. My kids are my muse. They inspire me everyday, and really taught me the true meaning of telling stories.


I’m eternally grateful for the continuous support and inspiration from my family.

Captured by Vanessa Mendez Photography

Captured by Vanessa Mendez Photography

Self Portrait, 38 weeks pregnant with Kora.

Self Portrait, 38 weeks pregnant with Kora.





Shannon has taken some of my favorite photographs of our family and our kids to date. She is relaxed but professional and really makes you feel comfortable while you’re taking them…Can’t wait to use her services for years to come to capture all the beautiful moments.
— Brittainny Eckwahl
Shannon amazed me with the way she was able to capture my family!! Her photos have such a unique, raw touch to them and she definitely has an “eye” for this. I’ll forever cherish these photos and plan on having her capture us annually.
— Victoria Shope