Beauty in the Chaos of Motherhood | Austin, Texas Lifestyle Photographer

Self portraits of motherhood.

This was one of the hardest days of my life. I've been single parenting these two small children for months with very little support. I do it all. All Sundays are hard for me, but this particular Sunday was hardest because I had gotten into another big argument with their dad, had not been sleeping, all 3 of us were knee deep in a bad sinus infection/cold. Right before I took these, I had a mental breakdown on this bathroom floor. My 3 year old son was not listening to me. Pushing every boundary. I lost it. I screamed. I cried. The guilt set in.

Then I thought, “This is literally the hardest time of my life. Document this shit.”

What is truly amazing is that when I look back at these, I really just see a really fucking strong woman, and children that love me no matter how many times I lose my shit. They trust me to pick up these pieces and to love them as best I can. This life is messy. And we will get through it.