Unraveled Academy Workshop/Retreat In Fairview, Utah | New Braunfels Lifestyle Photographer

Texas Lifestyle Photographer Attends Online Community, Unraveled Academy’s, Workshop in Fairview, Utah.

The day after my second babies 1st birthday (all the feels), I left on my first big trip away from the kiddos. It was so hard leaving my little nursling. but once I left, the hard part was over and I’m so glad I did it. I joined about 40 other incredible women on this photography retreat. Destination was in a beautiful log cabin located on top of a mountain in Fairview, Utah. I just love how fresh the air smells in the mountains. There was still snow at the very top, which we hiked through. The weather itself was to die for, in the mid 60-70’s during the day, and chilly at night.

When I told people about this retreat they thought it was a vacation. Yes, we were in a absolutely beautiful location, but it’s not a vacation. We were in workshops the entire time, in lectures, sharing our stories, CRYING (and laughing) ALOT, writing notes, bouncing ideas off each other, shooting, editing, went to bed late and woke up early for Yoga Nidra, all while sharing a bunk room (in an incredible cabin) on top of a mountain at 374839273 (joking, I really don’t know the exact) feet elevation. We didn’t sleep much and were shakin’ to our core. We dug deep. We did get some down time in between all the learning, but our creative minds never stop, especially in a space full of so much inspiration and high vibrational energy! I left feeling fulfilled, blessed and artistically driven, surrounded by new friends. it was a dream. The community aspect of the Unraveled Academy is what has drawn me to them, made me feel safe, welcomed and inspired as artist. A few highlights of this trip would be, not only to shower, sleep. through the night, and be an adult for a few days, but I also got to meet and connect with some of the most heartfelt incredible artists that I’ve followed for some time. I created real relationships with real people that just get all the struggles that come with living out an artistic career, as mothers with full time jobs. I would 100% recommend this retreat to anyone seeking community, a safe space to reach the core of your story and your why. Here’s some images taken while on this incredible journey.