Elisabeth Kadie Powers Intimate Motherhood | New Braunfels Family Lifestyle Photographer

Intimate Motherhood Maternity Session, Canyon Lake, Texas

If you know me personally, you know I’m about as hippie, boho, crunchy mama as it gets these days. I had both my kids all natural, free from wires, hookups, or interventions. I use young living essential oils for everything. Hott yoga and nature is my church. I let my kids run naked often, play in the dirt and use their hands to explore sticks, rocks, grass, water, without fear or judgement. So, naked, natural, raw and intimate motherhood sessions are always a favorite to capture, and just go with me and the kind of vibes I want to put out into the world! It’s also about body positivity, accepting our bodies and embracing the tiger stripes that growing life gives us. From the soft, stretchy skin on our bellies, to the wide hips, and saggy breasts that nourished our babes; whatever the imperfection may be, I like to help you to shift the perspective into positive, pride of your own magical power of being woman.

“I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention.”