Erin + Parker Gregory Intimate Wedding | Austin, Texas Lifestyle Photographer

Erin + Parker Gregory Intimate Wedding

When Erin reached out to me a week before their wedding date, we chatted on the phone, and it was like we had known each other forever. We connected over our kids, veganism and all things health related. She is truly like a soul sister to me. Due to her soon to be husband’s career as a traveling model, they didn’t have much time to plan. I don’t do weddings often, and I’m picky about which ones I will do, but I loved everything about her and her adventurous intimate wedding plans, that I just couldn’t say no. It turned out to be one of the most magical days of my career.

The intimate wedding was at the beautiful Chapel Dulcinea, a free of charge wedding venue, located in the hills on the outside of Austin, Texas. The ceremony was short and sweet, surrounded by their closest friends and family. With no formal or traditional reception, they had our own private first dance in the chapel. Just Parker, Erin and I to capture it. Followed by good ole’ BBQ, beer and cake at The Salt Lick.

They are the sweetest, relaxed and most down to earth family. I couldn’t be more blessed to have connected with such amazing people that I can sincerely call my friends. Congratulations to these two absolutely beautiful souls.